Le Pied Du Mont Boucherie Festival



Welcome to the third annual "Le Pied Du Mont Boucherie Festival”, located in the Piedmont region of Georgia. This festival serves as a fundraiser and educational gathering of Butchers, Chefs, Farmers and Veterans coming together to celebrate the start of our growing season. But most importantly we aim to support of STAG VETS INCs', Agro-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program to help combat veterans transition effectively into civilian life on our facility Comfort Farms, the nation’s first Veterans Acute Crisis Agriculture Center.

The Le Pied Du Mont Boucherie festival is a two-day educational event, designed to bring the community together to witness the craft of our butchers, farmers, and chefs who work together throughout the growing season to prepare seasonal and delicious meals from local, sustainable and organic sources.

Not only to is this a celebration it's an opportunity to learn.  Our onsite education portion of the event will consist of safe handling of livestock, humane dispatch, how to evaluate a healthy carcass, butchering techniques, understanding our growing season, identifying problems and solutions for a more healthy food system as well as how our veterans can take an active role to provide food security for our local communities. 

- January 17th: Butchers, Farmers and Chef Feast (VIP only)

- January 18th: Heritage Day (Community)

- January 19th: Boucherie (Community)


The nations first Acute Crisis Agriculture Center for veterans


The Butcher's Prayer

The purest forms of our existence are the entries and the exists of our spirits into this world.

By witnessing these things we gain a deeper respect for ourselves and others.

Many of us here understand that in order for us to live the sacrifice of another life must be given.

It is this understanding that binds us together.
It is this understanding that we lead through example to those who are lost.

To return to our natural state by following the laws of nature.

Working with the earth and not against it.

We do things with pride and honour.

We raise our gardens and animals with love and we harvest them in a spiritual manner.

It is my belief that many of the world's problems root from disconnection of how we were born to be.

It is our responsibility to teach others what we learn here today.

Through these events it is my goal to show people what they are missing in life.

To feel in their heart what they should feel, to join as a community, work hard, respectfully harvest what they have raised and waste nothing.

The boucherie is about all of this.

It brings us back to our basic primals: life, death, food, fire, teamwork.

It teaches us the important of respecting life and supporting those that honor these ways.

Our local farmers who bring us a healthy product, raised and grown in a way that is good for our mother Earth, keeping our revenue in our community, supporting your neighbor, your family, your friend.

It is a celebration of those who live and those who we have lost.

Let us bow our heads in prayers.

We thank you Mother Earth for the gifts you have given us.

The people we love.

The air we breathe.

The water we drink and the food we eat.

We ask that you give us strength to keep these things sacred and teach others to do so.

We ask for a peaceful transition of those animal spirits and let it be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice so that we may live.

We ask that you keep our warriors safe as they perform the ceremony of the harvest.

For these here in the physical and those in spirit we pray.